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Erin Johnson, BFA

Originally from New England, Erin Johnson's art career began during his teens working on graphic novels, penciling and inking backgrounds & characters. He refined technical skills in pencil and honed advanced pen and ink techniques into his own style.

Erin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from RCAD (the "Ivy League of Art Colleges" in the United States), as the recipient scholarships and grants from various sources. He has received mention in numerous media outlets for contributions in art, music, film and animation, as well as charitable endeavors.

Erin was commissioned by THE DALI (Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL) for a video installation, along with other notable clientele.

Adept in many styles from representational photo-realism to abstract, Erin creates gorgeous and timeless work.

Erin has played piano and keyboards since childhood, beginning formal lessons at age 9, and evolved from classical training to rock n' roll rhythm piano and soloist. Music runs deep in Erin's family, his Big Band/Swing-playing grandfather winning the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show on national television. Erin's music has attracted the attention of a multiple Grammy Award-winning music producer.

Erin's dual loves - visual arts and music - merge together in the form of
Art Case Pianos, a synchronous fusion of sonics and imagery. Erin's approach in craftsmanship is one of reverence and respect toward the musical instrument.

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